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HSE & IMS Management System Policy


Khuzestan Petrochemical Company as the only manufacturer of engineering polymers in Iran, having the grace of God and the valuable cooperation of its hard-working managers and employees, has been determined to operate, maintain and upgrade the Health, Safety and Environment Management System (HSE-MS),Quality Management System (ISO9001 / 2008), Environmental Management System (ISO14001: 2004), Occupational Health Management System (BS OHSAS 18001: 2007) and Quality Management System in oil, gas and Petrochemical Industries(ISO / TS 29001: 2010).The related targets which will be revised periodically are declared as follows:

  • Improvement of the quality of products and processesin order to increase customers' and other interested parties'(stakeholders) satisfaction.
  • Prevention and control ofthe environmental pollution caused by the company activities and procedures, optimizingthe use of resources and avoiding the waste of energy.
  • Commitment to the prevention of injuries and diseases, immunization systems and Controlling occupational trends to reduce the operational hazards in all units.
  • Improving the human resource capabilities through appropriate training and byincreasing job motivation.

All the staff are expected to respect for and to have sound understanding of our organizational values in order to achieve sustainable development of the company and to increase efficiency (. Following the company policies, they are also expected to accurately administer the instructions)procedures and to do their best in an integrated management system IMS and HSE which assists the company manager in the implementation of following commitments:

  • Continuous improvement of health, safety, environment, quality and performance management systems.
  • Observing safety, occupational health and environmental regulations related to the company's activities and following the standards of product quality.
  • Maintenance and improvement of employees' health as well as protecting them against the risk of harmful factors.
  • To communicate and to interact constructively with all stakeholders asa responsible citizen.

Emphasizing on observation ofIMS and HSE requirements, I introduce Mr. Reza SalehAhmadi as the manager plenipotentiary representative to ensure understanding, implementation and maintenance of this policy at all levels of the company.

Seyed Mohamad Ahmadzadeh - The CEO