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Khouzestan Petrochemical Company, having the most advanced polymer alloys production lines, Manufactured by the German co. Brabender, has the capability of producing annually over 15,000 tons of different types of polymer alloys such as PC / ABS, PC / GF and a variety of colored poly-carbonates based on the customers' orders.These products are used in automotive, electrical and electronics, safety equipment and the household appliance industries.
In the meanwhile, the growing need for other polymer compounds as well as easy accessibility to variety of polymers through the Petrochemical Special Economic Zone,motivated the company to produce a set of alloys,including PET, HDPE, LDPE and PP,to fulfil the customers' needs.

Different grades of Compound

  • PGPC-O710W

    Applications: Suitable for injection modeling, Business Machines, Packaging, Sports, Home Appliances, Electrical.

  • PE-4005B

    Applications: Steel Pipe Coating

  • PGPC-PF20

    Applications: High Stiffness and High Dimentional Stability Appliances

  • PGPC-PA47

    Applications: Automotive Instrument Panel, Automotive Interior and Exterior Trim, Electrical and Electronic Compound and Etc.

Other Products

Epoxy Resin

Protective coating of oil and gas pipes to prevent corrosion,production of paints,adhesive,floor covering...

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Polycarbonate Polymer

In car industries for interior decorations of the cars,manufacturing the dashboard,bumper and...

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