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History of Khouzestan Petrochemical Company


Engineering polymers are a group of polymers with specific characteristics which make them more distinc than other polymers. These group of polymers are highly capable to be applied in different areas.The remarkable characteristics of these polymers is the combination of two specification:”high resistance” plus ”low weight” which allows these valuable material to substitute the conventional metals in many special applications. Other distinctive properties of such types of polymers in particular includes:thermal strength,chemical and corrosion resistance along with the flexible and desirable electrical properties in designing and producing the materials.The engineering polymers have marked by these features to be applied in modern industries such as:aero-space,automobile,electronic,construction and production of home and medical devices as well as industial and commercial products.Khouzestan Petrochemical Company(KZPC) is the first leading producer of two outstanding types of engineering polymers including”polycarbonates” and ”Epoxy Resins” in the Middle East.

Location:Site4,Petrochemical Special Economic Zone,Bandar Imam,Kouzestan Province Area:10 hectares
Implementation Date:1998 Phase No.1(Epoxy Resins)
Commercial Production:2003
Formal Production:2004 Phase No.2(Polycarbonates)
Commercial Production:2007

Process Units of Khouzestan Petrochemical Company include:
Unit NO.10:Carbon Monoxide
Unit NO.20: Carbon Monoxide Separation
Unit NO.30:Phosgen Gas
Unit NO.38:Chlorine Purification & Sodium Hypochlorite
Unit NO.40: Bisphenol A(BPA)
Unit NO.50: Polycarbonates
Unit NO.60: Epoxy Resins